A Collapsible & Portable Multi-Station Board Breaking System

Power Break.

Designed to give increased stability in board-holding

Multi-Function .

Demonstrate your full potential using a variety of kicking and striking techniques

Speed Break.

Allows for 1 or 2 boards to hang freely from different heights

Get Your BreakMasterTM Today.

BreakMasterTM is a fully adjustable, collapsible and portable board breaking system.  BreakMasterTM is designed with Martial Artists in mind, and it can be used by anyone from the beginner to the expert as the ultimate partner for training, demonstrating, promoting, and competing.

A Collapsible & Portable Multi-Station Board Breaking System.

BreakMasterTM utilizes an innovative Key-Lock design which allows for the breaking stations to adjust to accommodate different heights and angles.  The stations are safe and easy to remove and re-mount, allowing for a variety of breaking techniques.

Complete System

What are you waiting for?

BreakMasterTM Complete System comes with the Power-Break, Multi-Function and Speed Break Stations.  Wall Mount and Portable options available.

Gain confidence
Improve Technique
Test Your Abilities
Sharpen your focus
Improve your Skills

Get Your Complete BreakMasterTM System Today!

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